Has anyone ever brought up Michael Learned's obvious plastic surgery? She was such an attractive woman on the show, and in the many years after.
Plastic surgery has become a very popular choice in today’s society, especially among the rich and famous who can afford to fix and change anything they see fit.
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Michael Learned is the actress that played Olivia Walton on The Waltons, among numerous other roles. I'm not sure you would recognize her today. She's stretched to ...
Michael Learned's HORRIBLE Face Lift. I thought she was so lovely when she played Olivia, the mountain mom on "The Waltons" but yikes! Look what she's done to herself!
The problem I have with plastic surgery is that the person sometimes doesn't look natural anymore. It may or may or be due to the surgeon's skill.
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michael learned plastic surgery? Michael Learned Net Worth is $3 Million. Michael Learned Nickname is Miss Michael Learned. Michael Learned is Actor. Michael Learned ...
Why did Michael learned leave the Walton show? Her contract was up in 1979 and she wanted to do other things. Sharon Wallace